Saturday, 7 August 2010

Longest Shot

The plan:
show this spectacular Basketball shot:

Then show this one.

Argue, take bets about which one is longest.

Drop some data on when requested (hopefully people will instantly say that the 2nd one is farthest as it has a longer horizontal distance).

I'm planning here to do a couple of scale drawings so we can measure to see which one is the longest before dropping the pythagoras hammer.

What is delicious here is that in the youtube description for the first video, they have actually done the pythagorean calculation - so i can show that as confirmation.

The great thing about the description here is that it takes into account the inaccurate nature of their measurements leads naturally into some work on estimates and boundaries - i've chosen 160 feet as the horizontal distance for the first shot - if i'd chosen 150 feet (the lower bound) would it still be farther?

Got kids to send me their favourite goals from Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, took screen grabs of these, turned em into a worksheet, asked the simple question - whose was the best shot?

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