Sunday, 8 August 2010

F Question #4: Sulphur

What happens when you inhale Sulphur Hexafluoride?

"you die?"
"it gives you rainbow coloured poo"
"does it make you high?"
"it makes you all squeaky"


What did the class do with this?
"Show it again! Show it again!" (We did. We laughed again. We did impressions. Our throats hurt.)
"Is that what they use to disguise people's voices on Crimewatch?"! (I think this was genuine...)
"So what would a balloon filled with that do?" (Class response was split here: some said it would just sit on the ground, a couple said that it wouldn't even inflate. I assume the first group were right, but not sure - any ideas?)
"Would anything denser than air do that? Like, if it was ten times denser would your voice be really deep?" (I do not know. We thought it might be dangerous though...)
"What does dense mean?" followed by "how dense is air?" (Speaking to our science faculty, about 20 kids hassled them over the next 2 days asking if they had anything denser than air that they could inhale as an experiment...)
After explaining that density more or less mean how tightly packed things are, mass per volume etc, one kid dropped the hammer with
"so, is hot air less dense than cold air?"
followed by another kid "yeah, that's why hot air balloons fly!"
Is it weird that i had never actually considered that hot air is less dense than cold air? Everyday is a learning day and all that...

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