Thursday, 5 August 2010

F Question #3: Election Draw

How was an election settled when the votes were tied last year in Arizona?

What did the class do with this?
Before the answer:
"A wrestle"
"Yeah, both the [candidates] got a spear and a leotard..."
"Did Simon Cowell decide?"
"did they ask the guys who didn't vote for either to pick their favourite?"

Post Answer:
"Who shuffled? Cos you can rig a deck..." (interesting point about fairness. I told them that a judge shuffled!)
"What cards did they get?" (I had no idea. We ran a simulation with G__ getting 3H and demanding a do-over cos he was sure he'd lose. He did.)
"Was the Ace high or low?" (Again, i'd no idea, but the class were adamant that it should be low.)
"I was playing a game and cut cards once and got the rules of bridge..." (not sure what to do with this, but it made me smile)
"Surely they did best out of 5 or something. You can't leave an election to chance" (Irony dripping off D___'s every syllable here. Immense. I did steal this and ask what the odds of winning were if you lost the first 2 draws. Answers ranged from 0 to 50-50)

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