Wednesday, 4 August 2010

F Question #2: Millionaire

What month are most Millionaire's born in?


What did the class do with this?
"Oh my god I'm gonna be a millionaire!" (J__, realising he was born in September)
"Why?" (opened to the class. they reckoned it was cos you'd be the oldest in your year at school, so you'd be bigger and more confident. Liked this very much.)
Following on the previous: "So are there like none born in July then?" (sadly i did not have this data, but a great follow up question.)
"What will I spend my first million on?" (J__ again)
"Yeah, but how many is most? Cos if there's like 10 a month, and September has 11, that doesn't really mean anything does it?" (Magnificent question. Wish I'd thought of it. A quick bit of research tells us that Forbes reckons 42/380 millionaire are born in Sept. A few wanted this turned into a percentage - 11%, a couple found that there were only 30 per month for the remaining 11. Nice.)
"Is a millionaire the same everywhere? Cos I read that in Zimbabwe you're a millionaire if you have 20p" (I called this rubbish, but with the hyperinflation over there 20p was worth more than a million Zimbabwean dollars)
"Awesome I'm going to Zimbabwe with a fiver I'll come back and be rich!" (oh if only life were this simple...)
"I might buy you a new car sir, cos yours is rubbish" (The benevolent J_ again)

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