Monday, 15 February 2010

Online Dating

Spent some time obsessing over the OK Trends website (seriously, how awesome is this thing?) and had a good laugh with my kids going over the findings.

Started with a minute or two getting kids to describe their profile photos to the class (this ended up with two kids totally unable to describe their photos, so recreating them for us - nice.)

Then asked them to put the photo types in order of success with women:
with pets, travel, with friends, doing something interesting, drinking, showing off muscles, outdoors

Most kids went with the photos with pets as least likely to be successful ("it's a bit gay isn't it sir?" was a common response to this - gay in the now OED acceptable "bad" rather than "sexuality" meaning) and were stunned when i told them that this was the the most successful.

They disputed it.


So i gave them some data about average responses by photo type, and gave them 5-10 minutes in pairs trying to prove me wrong.
Most went straight for the mean, that didn't work, so they hammered the median and mode, some tried range but realised that this wasn't any good, till we had to accept that pets were the way forward.

One of them (god bless kids natural instinct to try to prove me wrong) point out that yeah, even if a photo of a person with a pet gets an average of 9 responses, that only means it's the best out of these types of photos, what if just a bog standard photo gets 15 responses?

Glorious (and correct suggestion), i was almost apologetic to blow this out of the water and show him that the average for all photo type was only 5.8, so pets were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay above average.

They were most surprised to learn that showing off muscles was #2 with a bullet. ("but don't you look like a total poser sir?) so we checked this out too, trying to figure out at what age shirt off becomes a terrible idea ("you wouldn't have one with your shirt off though would you sir"? they were incredibly relieved when i told them i would not).

Running through this (graphing, finding a rule - don't take your shirt off if you're >35) led one of the boys to complain that the girls were getting off rather lightly here.

We finished with a look at the differences between male and female photos (taking the form of a stacked percentage bar chart) and almost every kid left trying to (a) understand what flirty-face was and (b) trying to do one on the way out.
Loads of stuff packed in there, really functional rich activity.

I'v attached the powerpoint of the lesson in case anyone fancies using it.

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