Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bras Glorious Bras

Read a brilliant story the other day about the apparently famous Bra fence in Cardrona, NZ.

Apparently, people just keep leaving bras on it. weirdos.

After a little discussion related to how many we think there are (answer: 1,500 ish) we moved on to look at how this had happened. People started leaving them in December 1999 and they were taken down by the police (Boo!) in late 2006.

A basic discussion about rates followed (how many per year, month, week etc) and we figured that a rate of roughly 4 bras per week seemed sensible.

We then did a bit of sampling. In the pictures we estimated how long each section of fence was (they reckoned about the length of a radiator, so we measured this and it was about 2 metres).

So we figured that if we could count how many bras were in one section, we could use that to predict how long the fence was altogether.

After cracking this and making a couple of small scale models of the fence using sheets of A5 paper to represent a fence section (decorated with bras lovingly drawn by the kids) we looked at graphing it. I had started with the assumption that we'd make some data up and draw something like the graph on the left below, using the rate we'd calculated earlier. But many kids suggested it should look more like a curve, because as it has gotten more famous more people would leave bras (G.- "man if i was there i buy a bra just so i could leave it!") altought this was countered by S. who suggested that if she was short of bras, she could just pop over to Wanaka to help herself to some free undies. The burgeoning kleptomania of S. not withstanding, we figured G. was right and the rate would increase as more people heard about it (a little checking proved him correct - good man, this kid knows his celebrity)

So we got em to draw both and estimate how many bras there should be at a few points depending on the shape of the graph (each graph went up to 1500, and along from 1999 to 2006).

All in all a pretty varied lesson thanks to our very pecuilar friends in the Southern Hemisphere feeling the need to undress near a field.

God bless you New Zealand!

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