Thursday, 25 June 2009

What can you do with this?

Being a fan of Dan's media rich blog, we spent some time with class this week reacting to this video of Dougal being, well, Dougal...

This led to a lot of conversation

(a) about how stupid he is

(one pupils asked if I ever felt like I was Ted and they were Dougal)

(b) how perspective can trick us.

We decided to make a couple of basic shapes and try to photograph them as if they were the same size.

Then we got some simple pictures of animals and enlarged them. Some groups made them twice as big, others enlarged them with a scale factor of 3 and we measured how much further away the enlarged shape had to be to look the same size.

A few kids were clever enough to start guessing that if it was 3 times as big, it would need to be 3 times further away, and then tested this theory (of course, this led to the discovery of the concept of centre of enlargement which was, if i'm honest, a totally unexpected bonus).

A couple of kids asked if they could make them half as big and see what happened, to which i responded with an unusualy gangsta "hell yizzle". (Note to self: less snoop dogg on the way to work)

Thoroughly enjoyed, the genius of Bluetooth meant they could all hand in their work by sending their pictures to my phone (in the first photo, the blue pig is twice as big as the other one, in the second photo the blue kangaroo is three times as big as the other one)

Worryingly, one of the pupils has the bluetooth name "Gerry Mangoes" but i've chosen not to worry about that..

Next up, we're gonna stretch a kid. Maybe.

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