Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Make your own maths comic strip

Found this tool online at to make your own comic strips - have a go!

Thursday, 13 March 2008


Howdy Pilgrims.

If you've come this way looking for Easter revision, you have come the right way.

Well, sort of. You need to follow this link

Easter revision is the first file. When you click on it, it'll ask if you want to Open or Save it.

Mr OG's top tip of the day is to save it!

Oh, and a lolly for the first commenter who can tell me what the sum on that dude's hands equals.

Tenuous Mathematical Link Of The Day

If, like me, you find it unbelievably irritating to watch US TV shows where spoilt rich kids tell each other to "Do the math" when any sane person could tell that they should be saying "Do the maths", you'll be delighted by Los Campesinos new single, Don't Tell Me To Do The Math.

If you are not like me, and do not find this unbelievably irritating, what the devil is wrong with you? Song's good though...