Thursday, 13 December 2007


Solutions Q1 - 10 are now up and running.

The Moby Equation

This amused me.

Check to see if your favourite band is a sellout

The Moby Equation

Obviously, 'Towers Of London' fans need not even bother checking this.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Q10 - Pythagoras & Perimeter

10 One of my Weasels is called Pythagoras (Yes that is another hint). I make him a racetrack that looks like this:
(imagine a 30cm x 15cm rectangle with a diagonal line across, then imagine I know how to put that image into this blog)
How long is the racetrack altogether (including the diagonal)? Answer to nearest centimetre.
(4 marks)
Perimeter of rectangle = 90cm.
Diagonal = 33.54.. Length = 124cm (nearest cm)

Q9 - compound Percentage change

9 One of my weasels (Eric) got fleas. He had 300 fleas, and they spread at a rate of 4.5% per day. How many fleas did Eric the weasel have after 9 days? (3 marks)
ANS = 300 x (1.045 to the power 9) = 445.82... :- 445 fleas.

Forming and solving equations

8 My friend John has w weasels, I have twice as many as him (2w), and my brother has 2 less than him (w – 2),
a) Write an expression for the total number of weasels we have.
b) If we have 98 weasels altogether, how many weasels does John have?
(4 marks)
a) Total = 4w - 2
b) 25 weasels.

Q7 - Circles & circumferences

a) 'Pi' the weasel (Yes that is a hint) likes to play in a wheel with a diameter of 15cm. What is the circumference of the wheel? (Give your answer to 2 significant figures)
b) Another wheel they like has a circumference of 40cm. If the wheel rolled for 30 metres, how many times would it have turned?
(4 marks)
a) Circumf = 15 x 3.14 = 47.1.. = 47 cm (2sf)
b) 3000 / 40 = 75 times

Q6 - substitution & changing subject

6 Here is an expression: t = 4w – 3c
a) Find the value of t if w = 5 and c = -7
b) Make w the subject of the expression. (it should look like w = …)
(4 marks)
a) 41
b) w = (t - 3c) divided by 4

Q5 - Solving Equations

5 This has nothing to do with weasels, but I've used the letter w anyway. Solve:
a) 5w + 10 = w + 2
b) 12 – 5w = 8w + 20 (4 marks)
a) -2
b) -8/13

Q4 - Pie Charts

4 I decide to draw a pie chart to show the kind of food my weasels enjoy.
a) 30% of my weasels love Cheese (as do I). What angle would I draw to show the Cheese loving weasels on a pie chart? (Remember a pie chart has 360° altogether)
b) The pie chart has a slice with an angle of 24° showing the weasels that enjoy eating batteries. If I have 90 weasels, how many enjoy tasty, tasty batteries? (Hint: think what fraction of the circle 24° is!) (5 marks)
a) 108 degrees
b) 6 weasels

Q3 - Probability

3 My weasels are likely to bit me, scratch me or ignore me. The probabilities are shown below:
Bite Me 0.23
Scratch Me _____
Ignore Me: 0.09
a) What is the probability one scratches me?
b) What is the probability a weasel either bites me or scratches me?
(4 marks)
a) 0.68
b) 0.91

Q2 - Splitting into a ratio

2 I have 32 weasels. If I decide to give them to my mom and dad in the ratio 3:5, how many weasels would my mom get?
(2 marks)
ANS =Ma gets 12 the lucky lass.

Q1 - Ratio & Percentage

1 The ratio of cats to weasels in a vets surgery is 4 : 1. What percentage of these animals are weasels? (2 marks)
ANS = 20%

New Start

Ok guys, previous comments and posts have been removed for now, as this becomes revision central!
I'm gonna put the questions for HW here, answers/questions in the comments if you want.
I'll put the full solutions up here later this week.

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This is a test!

just testing to see if i can e-mail in posts. If you can read this, i can...

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Hello all. Mr O'G here saying welcome I guess...

thought i'd start by linking you to the Sowerby VLE, just in case you can't remember how to get there!
Use the blog to post comments on what you've done, found easy, hard, or just anything that interests you. Obviously, keep stuff appropriate please guys!
Oh yeah, apologies for the colour scheme. Any suggestions for an alternative will be greeted with the usual combination of gratitude, sarcasm and fury.

Good luck!